What Is Coachulting

The Coachultants

is a business consulting and executive coaching company which designs and delivers for business transformation and growth.

The story line is simple, strong and holistic

We transform your business for exponential growth and

We coach the leadership team and your organization to enable and maintain it
The Name
The company name ‘’THE COACHULTANTS’’ is derived from the synthesis of two business terms, COACHES + CONSULTANTS.

It is created to literally describe what the company is all about and what exactly we offer i.e. a unique, holistic, integrated approach for business transformation (Consulting) as well as organization capability built up to deliver the plan (Coaching).

How We Can Help
THE COACHULTANTS are the ONE STOP SHOP company, which acts as a catalyst for businesses that seek to maximize revenue and profit.

We accomplish this through strategic analysis, business strategy and planning, as well as through creating and coaching the right organization to deliver breakthrough results.

Our services include – but are not limited to:

1. Mission, vision, strategy and business plan for maximizing company’s turnover
2. Branding, corporate & brand identity, brand management, marketing plan
3. Cost/benefit analysis and processes optimization to maximize profit
4. Coaching, mentoring and training of the company owner / CEO, the Executive Board and the business teams, in order to successfully and sustainably deliver the plan.
5. Implementation, execution and ongoing adjustment of the business plan, as needed.
What is the Process
Hands-on method, solution focused, with analytical thinking, leadership attitude and integrated, end to end approach.
We are flexible and tailor our services menu, based on different client objectives and requirements. We have a modular menu which answers the unique challenges each company faces, and we co-design the solutions and deliverables.

Our process unfolds as follows:
1. Understanding of the brief/the challenge
2. Analyzing the situation in a 360o way, through data, live interviews, consumer, customer, competition and company understanding
3. Designing the mission, vision and the strategy
4. Crafting the mid-term, 1-3 years plan
5. Implementing the short-term plan, reaping the early wins
6. Coaching, mentoring and inspiring the organization to deliver
7. Monitor, correct, amend as needed

What to Expect
We are problem fixers, we are the dreamers…we are the visionary ones, yet also target focused and results oriented.
We have the experience, the expertise, yet also the vision, the will and the capability. We are motivated by the timeless saying of N. Kazantzakis ‘’’Reach what you cannot’’, balanced with 'Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood' by Marie Curie.

Our target clientele includes companies which have high potential for growth, yet they do not have the knowledge or capability to accomplish it. We aim at serving the ones that are ready to take the next breakthrough step, yet they need the helping hand which will enable them to unfold their bigger, better, greater selves.

Importantly, our clientele creates and sells products and services of great quality, which have the right fundamentals to build on, while also embracing true purpose, values, principles and business ethics.
Why it's important
Change is inevitable, transformation for growth is a choice.
A conscious choice, for which ‘’THE COACHULTANTS’’ can act as catalysts, and trusted business partners.

Facing a business in a holistic, integrated way, taking calculated risks and anticipating change, rather than running behind it, are critical aspects that distinguish a prosperous company with exponential growth from a merely successful one.
Coaching alone focuses on organization capability, while consulting focuses on the strategy and the plan without necessarily addressing the human factor. They both are equally important sides of the same coin, complementary facets.

’’THE COACHULTANTS’’ embrace both facets and as a result, enable and ensure the holistic, integrated view, which is fundamental for transformation and business growth… your company’s business growth.
Change is inevitable, transformation is a choice!

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