The Coachultants storytelling

Every person, company or brand embraces their concealed inner strength…and it is immense. If discovered and reclaimed, the outcome is amazing!

You may hide an inactive giant inside; your bigger, better, more competent self. Together we can mobilize and motivate them.

We challenge and trigger their courage; we release new opportunities and perspectives.
We help assemble the missing pieces and maximize performance.

The giant unfolds itself, takes a leap and initiates action … action which leads to transformation, to advancement.
No dream, vision, aspiration or target is bigger than a determined, empowered giant.

We are here to empower and help the giant unleash its full potential, potential for transformation, potential for growth !



The Coachultants logo depicts this determined giant, which unfolds itself , takes a leap and initiates action.

We chose an origami linear icon, which can be a mythical animal, a Trojan horse, or even a giant, which transforms itself. It moves, stretches, grows, flies. Each time it has a different role, colors and aesthetics. It is part of an intergrated, logotype and brand name . Actually it enbodies an idea - the idea of transformation.

The Coachultants Business Tranformation

Reach what you cannot

N. Kazantzakis

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