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International and local experience of 20+ years in multinational environment

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Global, regional and local experience in organization design, training & coaching

Angeliki Markopoulou: Chemical Engineer, MBA, Certified Executive & Team Coach
Seasoned C-level executive with 20 years local and international experience in Fortune 100 multinational Procter & Gamble company.

I have undertaken assignments of diverse scope of businesses, varying across countries, regional and global roles, brands, sales and multifunctional teams, strategic partners, media and agency network. My experience varies across different FMCG categories and brands (10+categories, 50+ brands), brand vision and identity, brand design, strategic choices on a global level, customization on a regional level, as well as local execution at customer and shopper level. I have led various brand mergers and acquisitions (Clairol, Wella, Gillette), divestitures and restructuring (global Duracell selling to Berkshire Hathaway), country/company clustering and re-organization (Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Balkans/Greece cluster), as well as different sales and marketing organizations re- design, coaching, mentoring and training.

As of 2017, I changed career paths, following a life choice change, and moved into Leadership Consulting &Executive Coaching, aiming to help companies transform their business strategy and achieve breakthrough results.

Areas of specialization: Mission, Vision & Business strategy, brand building, brand equity & design, shopper marketing, organizational restructuring, new business development, team & advanced people development, career guidance, mentoring and coaching.

My personal and professional passion lies in the areas of female executives, female entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and small/medium size enterprises that want to unleash their full potential and need an enabler to help them release and realize it.

My personal motto is ‘’Reach what you cannnot’’ by N. Kazantzakis, the legendary, heretic Greek writer, poet and philosopher.

My personal belief is that every executive, every company, every organization can be radically changed to a bigger, better, greater version of themselves…this is what transformation is all about; acting as a catalyst for that, is my purpose.
Reach what you cannot

N. Kazantzakis

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